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New EU GDPR Rules All But Ends Unsolicited Email Marketing in Europe, and Everywhere Else
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
5 hours
Europe’s new rules on data have had a devastating effect on businesses that rely on email marketing, according to a new report just published by CNBC. The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hasn’t even been in effect for a month, but according to the newly published research the read more
Tech Industry Takes A Stand On Immigrant Separation
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
1 day
Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Tesla, and YouTube are among those weighing in. When it comes to the political sphere, the business sector plays an obvious role. After all, the decisions made in the halls of government have an impact on the ways businesses operate. But several tech firms are insertinread more
Firefox Quantum Review: Is it time to make the switch?
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
2 days
Perhaps the better question is: Is it time to switch back to Firefox? One of our staff members takes the plunge and uses Firefox Quantum for a month to see what all the fuss is about. If you’ve never used Firefox before, or you jumped ship to another browser in the last few years, then Firefox Quantum is welread more
Facebook To Take Action On Bad Reviews
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
2 days
"Don't read the comments... don't read the comments..." By and large, the comments section of most news, videos, or social media posts can easily devolve into a cesspool of anti-humanity. However, one aspect to leaving an opinion online can actually serve a purpose for other users: online reviews. All reportedread more
Manafort Jailed, Largely Due To
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
3 days
While Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is jailed awaiting trial, his WhatsApp and Signal messages have been subpoenaed. Encrypted messaging apps and email service providers are popular with users, not just for personal security or business-related communications. Apps like WhatsApp initially became the domainread more
What a Pane: All the Issues so far with Windows 10's Latest Update
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
4 days
When is an operating system update not an update? When the new, “improved” version takes four steps backwards for each step it's supposed to advance. This seems to be the case so far with the latest update to Microsoft's Windows 10. As well as being good for the soul, Microsoft-bashing is an easy activity read more
Glitch Set Private Facebook Posts To Public
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
4 days
The latest in a long line of Facebook privacy blunders. There's a surprise waiting in the email inboxes of about 14 million Facebook users: a mea culpa message that lets them know that their privacy settings might have let them down. According to the company, a bug at headquarters automatically switched some userread more
Uber, Lyft To Try More Enviro-Friendly Options
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
4 days
Uber and Lyft make plans to add electric scooters to their current fleet. While trendy startups that offer services to the public like ride sharing and accommodations are gaining ground in the current gig economy, there's little doubt that they're also changing the consumer landscape in ways that may not always bread more
People Using Facebook Less For News, New Study Finds
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
1 week
Compared to 2017 fewer people are using Facebook for news but are instead using other social media outlets to stay informed, according to the new 2018 Reuters Digital News Report. Now in its seventh year, the Digital News Report claims that users are more concerned about privacy, fake news, and the toxicity assocread more